Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Sorry, it's been a while since I have posted. We have had lots of stuff going on. It seems the older Mylie gets the less she sleeps. I really adore this time. She is so fascinated with everything and wants to be entertained all the time. I have had so much fun showing her everything from the traffic outside to the tree in the back yard. I am guessing her eyesight is getting better because she is looking at these things like its the first time she has seen them.

The fair has come and gone, and Mylie and Connor got to ride the carousel with Salem and Arden Clarie. I was so worried that she would not like it but she had a ball. It was me that was almost sick at the end of the ride. That thing goes a lot faster than I remember as a kid.

Grandparents day was wonderful too. We went to the fair to eat with Grammie and Nanny and Poppa. We took Mylie to see the animals at the fair. She really enjoyed seeing them, but the whole time she clung dearly to her Daddy's arm.

Last week, Mylie, me and my friend went to paint pottery. I did two squares, one with Mylie's hand print and another with her foot print. They are pink with purple, and are too cute for words. The other project I painted was a "bum pumpkin." I painted a plate yellow and stamped leaves at the bottom then I painted Mylie's bum orange and sat her on the plate. I then painted a green stem at the top of our "bum pumpkin!" It turned out super cute. I got this idea from another blog but I don't remember the site Tam found it from. Tam, if you get time would you put it in the comments so I can give credit where it is due? Thanks.

Happy Late Birthday to Arden Claire! Hope you had the best time at WDW! I'm sure you were the most beautiful princess there!

We have another busy week ahead. This weekend we are going camping. This will be Mylie's first weekend away from home. It will be like a mini vacation. When I say camping, I don't mean with tents and sleeping bags. I don't do that kind of camping. I can not stand bugs, so therefore, I will not sleep outside. We are going camping in an RV. Our friends have one and have invited us to go along. I don't think I could give up the comfort of a/c and a bed. That would not be vacation to me. Hopefully I will have some pictures for a post when we return.

Here is a pic of Mylie with her new kicks! Thanks Grammie for the shoes, even though she threw up all over them before we got home. ( I think Mylie had a bad bottle.) I love this little outfit from The Children's Place. Except that their sizes run so small! I was hoping this outfit would last through winter but I doubt it!

Thursday, September 6, 2007

My Husband's a hottie!

He is probably going to kill me for this!

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Wow, Im Pretty!

Who woulda guessed?

Another Meme

Thanks Al, for tagging me.

Accent - Southern defiantly

Chore I hate - ALL of them. I don't like to think of them as chores, it makes it easier to get them done.

Essential Electronics - Cell phone and computer, every ones answer. I hate relying on my cell phone. Also, people need to learn cell phone etiquette.

What's for supper? Tonight, Justin's mom is coming down and she usually treats us to dinner, but usually, its something out of a box.

Perfume -Spit up eau de toilette from Mylie's mouth. Romance by Ralph Lauren is my favorite. I think I still have a full bottle from Christmas two years ago. Shows how much I wear it. I never got in the habit of wearing because my Mom is allergic, so I never wore it growing up. Dove body wash is about all I put on.

Gold or silver - Big blocks of Gold. Its worth more. I don't wear jewelry

Insomnia - Not much, Mylie has been sleeping through the night for some time now. She is such a good girl.

Job Title - Office Manager, but not for long. It will be babysitter and SAHM. Wife, sister, daughter, and friend.

Most Admired Trait -I am an honest person. Sometimes that gets me in trouble. Also, I am a pretty punctual person. Not so much since the baby, but I try really hard.

Phobia - Creatures, as in insects, bugs, spiders, all things slimy with legs and things with wings that bite. Icky boy things.

Religion - Christian

Siblings - two half sister and one half brother. Who I love very much and don't get to see as often as I would like. Also, one incredible nephew!

Time I wake up - Usually about 7:30 or 8 if I dont have to go into the office, if I do have to work its 5 am.

Unusual talent/skill Im not sure I have any skillz

Vegetable - Sweet potatoes

Worst habit - used to be bitting my nails, now probably junking up my car

X-Rays - I have had plenty. Mostly on my ankles

Favorite Meal - Anything my Nanny cooks! The country vegetable is probably my favorite.

help a gril out and you just might win something.

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