Saturday, May 31, 2008

Day 3

Today, Justin Mylie and I went shopping at Barefoot Landing. I got a cute little lime green purse from Anything Joe's and can't wait to switch my stuff over. I want to go back to look some more. I saw the cutest paisley bag there too. We also went to Belches N' Burps. I picked up some California Salsa that was to die for! We came straight back and ate every bite of it. Along with some fresh cantaloupe, pineapple, and strawberries with dip for lunch. Mylie went down for an early nap so we sat on the balcony for the longest time just watching the waves and the people enjoying the beach. It was really hot today and very windy. We went to Preston's for an early bird dinner. It was a seafood buffet with crab legs, Justin's favorites. I am not big on seafood. They had popcorn shirmp which was very good, thats all the seafood that I ate there. We came back to the condo in hopes of a walk on the beach, but the wind was just too much. The sand was blowing and stinging our legs. I hope that doesn't mean a storm is coming. If it is pretty tomorrow morning we are planning for another morning at the beach.

(girls, if you see anything at Joe's that you would like, let me know and I will pick it up for you, prices are much cheaper at the store.)

Friday, May 30, 2008

A Day at the Beach

Today we woke up and went out to the beach. Mylie and her Daddy played in the sand for most of the morning. They walked back and forth from the water to the umbrella many times. That was Mylie's favorite thing to walk in the sand. She loved the ocean water and wanted to walk straight out into it. She was not afraid of the water at all. They also built sandcastles. She wanted to have both shovels in her hands at all times. Later, we came back to the condo for lunch and then a nap. We went back out to the beach this afternoon. The weather was very nice with a bit of wind. I am glad we made it today without a sunburn.

We're at the Beach!

We finally made it to the Beach! We are in North Myrtle Beach ready to spend a week full of relaxation and fun. Yesterday, we arrived at our condo around lunch time, it was not ready until 3, so we went to eat at Joe's Crab Shack. When we got back to the condo, we unpacked and headed straight for Wal Mart! Ha! We came back unpacked again and ate a bite for supper. Justin and I walked on the beach last night for a little while. The weather was overcast during the day and a little windy last night. The water felt nice on our feet. We all turned in early. I guess we were tired from traveling for 2 days and unpacking. I will try and post often on our trip. I can't wait to get some pictures of Mylie on the beach. I am trying to watch the weather now, to see if we want to go to the beach today or wait until tomorrow. Stay tuned!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008


I finally got around to baby proofing the kitchen. I left one cabinet for Mylie. It has all of her sippies and plates in it. She loves playing in it. It is so funny, she knew right what to do. She climbed in and started playing away!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Happy Birthday Nanny!

Today is my Nanny's Birthday. We met them in Woodbury for dinner and had the best time. We ate at the Mexican restaurant. They gave her a free desert and put whipped cream on her face! I wish I would have had my camera. It was so funny and she was a wonderful sport with it all. So, I hope you had a wonderful birthday Nanny!

The yard sale was a huge success. Between my friend and I our yard sale made over 1,000 dollars. It was early and cold as could be on Friday but we stuck it out. Saturday we didn't have much left to sell, so we ended early. We were so tired. I can't believe that we were so successful!

Tonight I am going to see Baby Momma at the movies with some girlfriends. I am so excited to get to go out with the girls. It will be a late night, but I don't mind seeing as how I don't usually go to bed until 11 or 12 anyhow.

Also want to say Congrats to my friend Jennifer who just bought her first house! I am so proud of you. We spent the morning out there painting and cleaning in preparation for her moving in. I will probably be spending quite a few hours out there this week helping her. It is so fun to help her paint. Today we sang old songs as loud as we could to help pass the time. We forgot our radio. Her dad said he would be sure and bring one tomorrow. I don't think he liked the way we sounded. Ha!

Hope everyone is having a good week!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Yard Sale!

We are having a yard sale on Friday and Saturday! Stop on by and pick up some great deals!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day!

First I would like to say Happy Mother's Day to all the mothers in my life. There are so many of you who have been inspirations and so much help this first year of my motherhood. Thanks to you all. Most importantly my mother. She is my best friend and an amazing woman. Thanks mom for all you do.

Second, I am feeling much much better. I finally started feeling human again about Wednesday. Justin was great during my sickness. He cleaned, washed dishes and did laundry. I think it was Tuesday when I came down stairs and found him eating off of a paper plate with plastic silverware. I asked him why he was eating with those and he said that since he was doing the dishes he was eating off of that so he didn't have to do anymore! Ha!

Third, this weekend has been a whirlwind. Friday, Alison gave birth to Channing Cope and I went to Nashville to visit my newest cousin! She is beautiful. Kirby has a pic up on her blog. You know me, I forgot my camera. I will try and get some pics soon. We will see them again next weekend when we go to GrannyMa's for dinner. Channing weighed 7lbs and 8oz. She has the prettiest color and dark hair like her sis. Arden was so proud to be a big sister. While I was there, Channing got hungry and Arden wanted to feed her, so I helped her feed her little sis. Channing ate like a champ. I think Kirby got the reward of changing her diaper before I got there. I guess I timed it just right. Saturday, Justin, Mylie and I went out on the pontoon boat with our friends. It was a beautiful day and we enjoyed the sunshine. Mylie loved looking over the side at the water going by. She really enjoyed her daddy letting her drive the boat! They were so cute! Today, we got up and went to visit our moms in McMinnville. I ate lunch with my mom, while Justin ate lunch with his. Then we headed back to Murfreesboro for dinner. Justin and Mylie took me out to Cameno Real. We love Mexican food and after driving around and checking the wait time at a few other restaurants decided to go back to our old faithful. I had a wonderful day and even got the present I wanted, a shower radio!

Friday and Saturday of this week, I am having a yard sale. So, stop on by and buy some of my stuff! There will be a lot of good things. I am down sizing. I am tired of having all this stuff that I don't use. So, I hope they will find a better home that will use and love them! This will be a multi family yard sale as I have friends putting in items as well.

Everyone have a lovely week!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Turning the corner...

I am finally starting to feel human again. I have had something awful, we are guessing strep throat. I am doing better today, but still really tired. I will catch everyone up when I have the energy.