Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy New Year!

Hope everyone has a safe and happy New Year!

We are turning in early. We will watch the ball drop in NY and then go to bed.

Mylie is finally crawling. Today was the first day for her to scoot across the floor! I am so excited! Time to baby proof everything, because I am sure it won't be long before she is pulling up on her own as well. Also, her top right tooth is on its way in. She has been having a hard time with it, so I am sure we will have a very interesting night. I am using lots of teething toys and some Tylenol. She is quite pitiful.

Monday, December 24, 2007

Merry Christmas!

Hope everyone has a blessed and merry Christmas.

We are busy running around visiting all of our family.

Take time to remember the reason for the season.

Monday, December 17, 2007


I'm not sure what it is about Christmas and babies that makes me want to get crafty. I like to make things for gifts, but as most of you know I am not very crafty. I linked to a blog off of Alison's that told how to make the fleece blankets. I also saw that Hancock's had there fleece on sale, so I decided to give it a try. This is what came of it. It is really easy to do and does not take very long to make. I did not realize that fleece was so expensive. It is not that bad if you catch it on sale for half price. I used 1 and 1/2 yards to make the baby blankets. I would use double that if I was making one for myself. I think that is double what Michelle said, but I like mine big! The one on the right is for Alison's baby and I like the other two so much that I am keeping them. I will go back and buy more to make one for Mylie's other cousin that is on the way.

So, Saturday was our anniversary. We went to eat at Fuji's and it was wonderful. We decided against a movie because there was not anything that the either of us really wanted to see. So, we went to Sam's shopping. We got water and some books for Mylie, exciting, I know. It seems that once you get to a certain point in your marriage that it really does not matter what you are doing as long as you do it together.

Today, we went to the Adventure Science Center with some friends. I will defiantly have to take Mylie back when she can walk around and play with all the exhibits. I had a blast. The girls had a blast watching all the other kids play. All the colors and noise really gets them going. The best part was the snow! It is not really good for little ones, so I did not put them in it. It is little plastic like pieces that you put into the snowman's shovel and they blow out the top. The bigger kids had a blast with it. There were 12 kids total with 4 adults! We sure had our hands full. After the ASC we went to Logan's to eat lunch. The mom's had brought their kids lunches and I know that was a relief to the waitress.
Mylie turned 8 months on Saturday as well! The time is flying by. She amazes me everyday. I love her more that I could ever imagine. I am so blessed that I get to stay home with her. I know she will not remember these days together, but I know that I sure will! I cherish every minute with her. We are so lucky to have a healthy family. We just found out that our neighbor's little girl has to have another brain surgery the day after Christmas. This will be her 4th or 5th. She is about 5 months old, and has been in and out of Vanderbilt. The little girls name is Betty, please keep her in your prayers.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Movie Anyone?

So, Mylie has an upper respiratory infection. We went back to the doctor yesterday, because of a cough that has lasted more than a week. She coughs so hard, I know it has to hurt her. The doctor did give her some cough medicine this time though. I don't think it is working too well. I gave it to her at 8 pm and now she is in her bed trying to go to sleep but still coughing. So, we will see how long she last in her own bed. Last night it was until 2:30 am. I asked the doctor why it seemed she was sick a lot here lately, and she said infants can be sick around 10 times their first year. TEN TIMES! I had no idea. Especially since I am nursing Mylie, I thought that she would not be sick much at all. I guess I thought wrong. I hope we don't have to battle this all winter.

Tonight we went to dinner with Justin's mom and step dad at T.G.I.Fridays. They opened this week here in the boro. It was really good. I had the cheesy chicken and I ate every bite of it. They have a mixed berry lemonade that was very good as well. I recommend that you check it out. We called ahead to see if there was a wait, there was so, they took our name down on the list while we were on our way. Once we got there, we only had to wait about 5 minutes compared to 25. The service was decent and food was tasty.

12 more days till Christmas. Gosh, this year is flying by. Mylie's first Christmas. I can't wait to see her react to all the excitement that surrounds Christmas. She has finally taken an interest in the Christmas tree. It took her a while before she even noticed it. I put a bear dressed like an angel at the top. When Justin holds her, she is high enough to see it. She will "talk" to the bear and get mad when it does not respond. It's quite the sight.

Is anyone else a Grey's fan? I am so upset that we have had reruns the last two weeks. I am ready for the stupid writers strike to be over. I am selfish that way. I need my Grey's!! Will this season only have 4 or so episodes? That will not sell well in a DVD. They will have a lot of making up to do when they come back.

So, Saturday Justin and I are going to eat and then to the movies. I told you all that already. My question is, what movie should we see? It has been forever since I have been to the movies. I'm really not even sure what is on yet. I need to do my research. But, have you seen a good one lately that you would recommend?

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Merry Christmas!

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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

O, What a Beautiful Day!

It is 70 plus here today. It is absolutely beautiful outside! It does not look or feel like the middle of December. Early spring is what it reminds me of. We spent the morning at the playground. There are two baby swings and the girls love to swing. My friend Tamera and her twins joined us as well as another friend. We had a lovely time, I was mad at myself for not remembering to bring the camera. Then we went to lunch and I at so much that I was in pain! That is an awful thing to do, but I did it, and I enjoyed it going down, but not so much now.

This weekend is our 6th year anniversary. We are going to eat and then to the movies. I think this will be the first date since Mylie was born. I asked Justin to plan the evening, so I am excited to see what we will be doing.

Hope everyone is well. Enjoy the Christmas season!

Friday, December 7, 2007

Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree!

I remember helping my Nanny put up her Christmas tree every year. We would have so much fun. She had all the ornaments that anyone had ever given her. We would put so many lights on it that it hurt your eyes to look at it. We would put every ornament that she had on it. We even put tensel on it. When we would arrive at her house for Christmas, which was always Christmas eve night, under the tree and spilling out into the rest of the room would be all the presents for the family. We have a rather large family. Nanny has three children and two of them have at least three more children and most of them have more than one child as well. Confussed? Anyway, we would have the best hoilday meal and fellowship. Then we would gather around the tree and open presents. I am really looking forward to that this year. As well as starting our own Christmas traditions with Mylie.

We finally got our tree put up this last weekend. I am enjoying it much more than I anticipated. But on a side note, it was not that fun putting it up! Justin and I had to clean out a closet just to get to the tree!
Post a picture on your blog of your Christmas Tree or Decorations!

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Much Better....

Mylie and I are much better now. We have caught up on sleep. We go back to the doctor tomorrow for a follow up visit. Thanks to all who wished us well.

Not much else to report. I am looking forward to this weekend, I am hoping to get some more Christmas shopping finished on Saturday. Sunday we have a double birthday party to go to. I'm sure it will be a blast.

Today, Dad, Kirby, and Connor are coming to visit. I love watching Mylie and Connor interact. I hope they will be close cousins. All of my cousins and I are close, more like sisters. I really enjoy their friendship.

Mylie is still not crawling. She gets very frustrated and lays down and sucks her thumb. She will roll to what ever it is that she wants. Its quite funny. She can turn herself around and roll where ever she wants.

Hope everyone is having a good week!

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Eventfull Thanksgiving

Well, this Thanksgiving will be one to remember. Tuesday evening, Mylie started getting sick. We called the doctor and they said to have her seen that night because she was vomiting. So, we went to the ER to find out that she had pneumonia. I felt so bad that I didn't know that she was that sick. Evidently, the cold that she had turned into pneumonia. So, we do a follow up visit the next day with the pediatrician. He gives her an oral antibiotic and we go on in to McMinnville. We have fun cooking and visiting on Wednesday and Thursday. By Thursday night we are all so tired. We get home and Mylie throws up again! We wait and then go to bed. She slept through the night, but that morning, she begins again. I call the doc back and they want to see her again. So, back to the doctors office we go. The good news, she is not dehydrated, but the bad is she has a bug on top of the pneumonia. He gives her a shot of medicine since she is vomiting. We come home and rest and drink pedialite. She kept that down so we are back to milk. She has done well in the past 24 hours. She is sleeping most of the day and at night. She is a little whinny and wants to be held. Which I don't mind at all to do. So, we have been watching movies cuddled up on the couch. Hopefully she is on the down hill slide and is going to start feeling better.

Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Did you go shopping? I wanted to, but didn't get to because of the sick baby. What wonderful deals did you find?

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving!

So, I was trying to think of something to write about and I decided that I would list what we are preparing for our Thanksgiving meal. Post on your blog what you will be having or leave a comment here!

Giblet Gravy
Mashed Potatoes
Sweet Potatoes
Green Peas
Turnip Greens
Mac and Cheese
Cranberry Sauce
Cranberry Salad
Sweet tea
Apple Cider
Pumpkin Pie
and of course something chocolate!

I am sure when we start cooking we will add at least 3 other items! We are going to start cooking on Wednesday. Followed by a slumber party for the girls at Nanny's house!

Hope everyone has a safe and happy Thanksgiving day! Give thanks because we are so blessed!

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Happy Birthday to Granna!

Today is a special birthday for Mylie's Granna! She is turning a significant number. We are going up to highpoint for dinner to celebrate! Hope you have a great Birthday Granna!

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Happy Birthday Alison!

Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday dear Alison,
Happy Birthday to you!

We love you and wish you a great Birthday.
Hope to see you soon!

Monday, November 12, 2007

Fabulous Weekend!

We had such a great time in Louisville, KY. We stopped at the Cheesecake Factory in Green Hills for dinner on Friday. The food was wonderful. We got a huge slice of chocolate cake to eat at the hotel. It was enough for the three of us plus some left over. The hotel was huge and beautiful. We had a complementary hot breakfast in the morning including omelets, then Nanny and I were off to see Paula Deen! She was hysterical! It felt like girlfriends sitting around talking. She was such a hoot! She took lots of questions from the audience. It was kinda weird because many people brought her presents. One girl gave her a corn husker hat? I was not sure what that was about, but Paula loved it. She even put it on her husband. We had wonderful seat, so close that she made eye contact with us several times. She is so pretty in person, and so southern! She was even a little risque. Her husband was there with her and he is just as funny. That afternoon we went to the Olive Garden for a late lunch and then a little shopping. Louisville has wonderful malls. There are two very nice malls within a mile of each other. We did a little shopping then headed home. One thing about Tennessee that I forget until I drive out of state is how wonderful our highways are. Kentucky really needs to allot more money to restoring their highways. It was a bumpy ride. All in all we had a wonderful weekend. Here are a couple of pictures. Enjoy!

Friday, November 9, 2007

Girls Trip

Today, my mother, Nanny, Mylie and I are going to Louisville! We are going to see Paula Deen. I am so excited. Mom got us 2nd row seat for Christmas. Thanks Mom.

Yesterday, I went to the sneek peak Christmas Village in Nashville. It was so much fun. There were lots of great Christmas decorations and gifts galore!

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Mylie playing nice

This is too funny. Here is Mylie "playing" with Abby. She was actually hitting her in the head with this toy. They are so funny together. It doesn't matter what toy one of them has the other one wants it and will take it. Its even more funny because the one who's toy was taken away doesn't cry, they just take it back, and the vicious cycle begins! When I stepped back into the room, this is what I found. I had to run and grab the camera.

Snot, Snot and More Snot.....

So, Mylie has a cold. Her first one. Being the new mom that I am, we went to the Doctor today because I was afraid it was dropping into her chest. She sounded a little wheezy. The Doc said her lungs were clear. That was a blessing. It should run its course in a couple of days. I have been using that bulb thing that you get at the hospital when babies are born to clean out her nose. I feel like I am going to pull her brain out of her nose! She will start to squirm when she sees the thing. I think it is an ingenious invention. I wish they made one for adults! Anyway, we are getting a humidifier and some baby Vic's and maybe we will be able to sleep a little bit better tonight. No one has commented in a while, I guess that my lack of blogging has turned most off from reading or checking this thing, but none the less, I will keep writing. Please, if you have any suggestions, or home remedies, comment!

Monday, November 5, 2007

Rainy Night

I know we need the rain but I don't like the tornado warnings that is sometimes brings. It made me realize that I need to clean out the closet under the stairs so that we will have a place to wait them out. I guess that will get done around Christmas time since that is the next time I will think about the closet. That's where the Christmas tree is located.

I am enjoying being home with Mylie so much. I was worried that I would miss work or that this whole thing would not work out, but it has. I couldn't be happier. You never truly understand what it is like being a parent until you are one. I thought I had an idea before she was born, but I didn't. My friend told me before she was born that it was like wearing your heart on the outside. It truly is. I love her so much it hurts! She is now putting herself to sleep. I can lay her down in her crib when she is tired and she will go off to sleep by herself. I miss rocking her, but I know this is the best for us both.

This picture is of Mylie at her Granna's and Dza Dza house this weekend. The weather was so nice and the leaves were starting to change. Granna has a great camera that used to take a few pictures with. We ended up with over 300! We had so much fun. They grilled out some steaks and we had a very relaxing day. Justin and Jay worked on the boat for an upcoming fishing trip. I don't think Justin has been fishing since Mylie was born. I am sure he is looking forward to getting back to his hobby.

I can't believe it's November already. I have got to get started on my Christmas shopping. It will be here before we know it! Hope everyone is having a great week.

Friday, November 2, 2007

So, Halloween was a fun filled day! We went into McMinnville and trick or treated. We went by my mom's school and had so much fun with her class. Her children dressed up as book characters. Mylie loved seeing all the children. Then we went by Aunt Stacey's and Nanny and Poppa's house. When we got back home, we went to a friends house for dinner and then out trick or treating some more! One of the husbands got his four wheeler out and had a trailer behind it. They spread some hay and we rode around the neighborhood on the trailer. We had a blast! Mylie fell asleep on the trailer in no time. Hope everyone had a safe Halloween!

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Im in the news paper!

So, my friend Tamera and I went to the grand opening of The Avenue here in the boro yesterday. We were one of the many people who attended but one of the few with children in tow. We had four children between the two of us and must have stuck out like a sore thumb. Two different people from the DNJ interviewed us and one guy from some picture place took our pics. Anyway, I made the article in the DNJ. Check it out!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

6 months old

My baby turned 6 months old yesterday. I cant believe it. She has her first tooth, and my my was that an experience. She can sit up for quite a while unassisted. She is saying da da da. Not sure if she knows what she is saying yet, but I have encouraged Justin to answer her when she does it so she will learn what it means.

Since the last post we went camping which was fun except that I got sick and we came home early. Mylie loved being on the boat with the wind in her hair. We went to the zoo in Nashville and had a great time. She really like the monkeys. Last weekend we went to Pigeon Forge with our friends and their babies. Eight adults and 4 babies all the same age. We had so much fun. We went shopping, and go cart riding, and more shopping. We fixed meals at the cabin and really had a good time. I will try and post some pictures later today.

I am keeping another little girl during the days now, so it is like having twins! They are so much fun and love to play with each other.

This weekend is the Bell Buckle Craft Fair and I can not wait to go.

Happy 8 months old to Connor Michael!!

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Sorry, it's been a while since I have posted. We have had lots of stuff going on. It seems the older Mylie gets the less she sleeps. I really adore this time. She is so fascinated with everything and wants to be entertained all the time. I have had so much fun showing her everything from the traffic outside to the tree in the back yard. I am guessing her eyesight is getting better because she is looking at these things like its the first time she has seen them.

The fair has come and gone, and Mylie and Connor got to ride the carousel with Salem and Arden Clarie. I was so worried that she would not like it but she had a ball. It was me that was almost sick at the end of the ride. That thing goes a lot faster than I remember as a kid.

Grandparents day was wonderful too. We went to the fair to eat with Grammie and Nanny and Poppa. We took Mylie to see the animals at the fair. She really enjoyed seeing them, but the whole time she clung dearly to her Daddy's arm.

Last week, Mylie, me and my friend went to paint pottery. I did two squares, one with Mylie's hand print and another with her foot print. They are pink with purple, and are too cute for words. The other project I painted was a "bum pumpkin." I painted a plate yellow and stamped leaves at the bottom then I painted Mylie's bum orange and sat her on the plate. I then painted a green stem at the top of our "bum pumpkin!" It turned out super cute. I got this idea from another blog but I don't remember the site Tam found it from. Tam, if you get time would you put it in the comments so I can give credit where it is due? Thanks.

Happy Late Birthday to Arden Claire! Hope you had the best time at WDW! I'm sure you were the most beautiful princess there!

We have another busy week ahead. This weekend we are going camping. This will be Mylie's first weekend away from home. It will be like a mini vacation. When I say camping, I don't mean with tents and sleeping bags. I don't do that kind of camping. I can not stand bugs, so therefore, I will not sleep outside. We are going camping in an RV. Our friends have one and have invited us to go along. I don't think I could give up the comfort of a/c and a bed. That would not be vacation to me. Hopefully I will have some pictures for a post when we return.

Here is a pic of Mylie with her new kicks! Thanks Grammie for the shoes, even though she threw up all over them before we got home. ( I think Mylie had a bad bottle.) I love this little outfit from The Children's Place. Except that their sizes run so small! I was hoping this outfit would last through winter but I doubt it!

Thursday, September 6, 2007

My Husband's a hottie!

He is probably going to kill me for this!

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Wow, Im Pretty!

Who woulda guessed?

Another Meme

Thanks Al, for tagging me.

Accent - Southern defiantly

Chore I hate - ALL of them. I don't like to think of them as chores, it makes it easier to get them done.

Essential Electronics - Cell phone and computer, every ones answer. I hate relying on my cell phone. Also, people need to learn cell phone etiquette.

What's for supper? Tonight, Justin's mom is coming down and she usually treats us to dinner, but usually, its something out of a box.

Perfume -Spit up eau de toilette from Mylie's mouth. Romance by Ralph Lauren is my favorite. I think I still have a full bottle from Christmas two years ago. Shows how much I wear it. I never got in the habit of wearing because my Mom is allergic, so I never wore it growing up. Dove body wash is about all I put on.

Gold or silver - Big blocks of Gold. Its worth more. I don't wear jewelry

Insomnia - Not much, Mylie has been sleeping through the night for some time now. She is such a good girl.

Job Title - Office Manager, but not for long. It will be babysitter and SAHM. Wife, sister, daughter, and friend.

Most Admired Trait -I am an honest person. Sometimes that gets me in trouble. Also, I am a pretty punctual person. Not so much since the baby, but I try really hard.

Phobia - Creatures, as in insects, bugs, spiders, all things slimy with legs and things with wings that bite. Icky boy things.

Religion - Christian

Siblings - two half sister and one half brother. Who I love very much and don't get to see as often as I would like. Also, one incredible nephew!

Time I wake up - Usually about 7:30 or 8 if I dont have to go into the office, if I do have to work its 5 am.

Unusual talent/skill Im not sure I have any skillz

Vegetable - Sweet potatoes

Worst habit - used to be bitting my nails, now probably junking up my car

X-Rays - I have had plenty. Mostly on my ankles

Favorite Meal - Anything my Nanny cooks! The country vegetable is probably my favorite.

help a gril out and you just might win something.

Fried Okra is looking for some jeans, and giving away a prise to someone. Y'all check her out and give her a hand.

Thursday, August 30, 2007

First meal

I was worried Mylie would not know what to think about eating off of a spoon. She was a pro! She grabbed my hand and pulled it straight to her mouth. She likes to eat her cereal. She will only eat about 10 bites, then she is ready to play with her highchair and the cereal in her mouth!

This is her with the mess she made. We took her straight to the bath.

I could not get the video to load. If anyone can help, please let me know how to do this.

Mylie's first movie!

Last night, my friend Tamera and Mylie and I went to the movies. I was very unsure of how Mylie would handle the noise and the bright screen. She loved it! She actually watched about 20 min. of the movie before falling asleep. We went to the late show and saw the Nanny Diaries. It was very cute. Not sure I would have rated it PG 13. It was somewhere in between that and a R. But, none the less, it was a good movie with a very good ending. I wish I had read the book first, maybe I will do that now instead. I have to say that the boy interest in the movie is very nice to look at. She calls him Harvard Hottie! And so he is!

Thanks to Mom, we got our new computer and thanks to Jordan, we have it set up! I love it and it makes it so much easier to work from home. Thanks to Gail for the wireless router, so I can sit downstairs, or anywhere, and get so many things done. We also got photoshop. I cant wait until I have time to learn this program. I messed with it a little so far and the picture at the top is one of my favorites! If anyone has a book on photoshop, I would love to borrow it!

Saturday, we are going to a friends house to watch the UT football game! I cant believe it is that time of year again. GO VOLS! Most of mine and Justin's family are vols fans. Justin and I even spent a year in Knoxville at school. One of our favorite things about that town and school are the football weekends.

Mylie has started cereal. I have feed it to her with a spoon. We got video of the first bites and I hope to have them posted soon! It is too funny. She is growing everyday. I think she has hair envy, she keeps pulling mine out. We are sitting here together typing this post. She wants to be doing whatever I or Justin are doing all the time. We finally have a nap routine as well and sleeping though the night still. She is the bestest baby in the whole wide world. Well, Connor runs a close second.

Justin finally has the weekends off from work, so hopefully we will be able to go see the family more often. We miss you guys!

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Too Funny

My friend linked to this on her blog and it was just too funny not to share. First click here and then visit her blog here. Get ready to wet your pants! Hope all is well.

Tomorrow is Justin's Birthday! He has to work in the morning, and then the family is going out to celebrate! He will be two years shy of the big three-oh!

Monday, August 20, 2007

Blog Tag

Thanks Alison, I know I haven't posted in a while. I am waiting on my new computer that should be here hopefully tomorrow! We are getting a lap top which will make it easier to work and play.

8 Things You Might Not Know About Me and Mylie.

1. I can not stand someone who lies. I can't take the drama. It drives me crazy.

2. I am pretty good at teaching myself. I do not like to be shown how to do something. I would rather try and figure it out by myself. I have taught myself Quickbooks and other computer programs.

3. Most of my friends are older than me. I don't know why this is, but it's just the way things work out. I guess it's because I can not stand catty girls. And again with the drama. Most of the friends are old enough to be my mother.

4. My car is a mess. Except for the outside. Dad washed it this weekend for me! Thanks Dad! I have trouble keeping the inside clean. In my car at any given time there is usually water bottles, burp clothes, blankets, a stroller, wrapers, dishes, plastic cups, receipts, bills, you name it it's probably there. If they only played "Let's Make A Deal" with items in your car I would be a big winner!

5. Mylie is starting to really laugh. Her daddy makes her laugh by fake yawning and snoring. It is sooooo cute!

6. Mylie got her shots today. She was very good and only cried a few minutes. She weighed 15.8 lbs and was 24 inches long. Doc said she was very healthy.

7. I hate insects of all kinds. They make me want to scream like a little girl. I hate ants, crickets, grass hoppers, spiders, and really anything that jumps at you without warning.

8. Peels. I love it when Justin is sunburned and his skin peels. I like to pull it off. Even when I was little, I would pull the "peels" off of Dad. I could pick at them forever. Gross, I know.

I want to tag Tam and Natalie next.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

It's Official

I turned in my notice at work. After much thought and prayer, Justin and I decided it would be best if I stayed at home with Mylie. I told my boss I would work until the end of November or until he found someone to replace me, which ever comes first. We have been toying with this idea since Mylie was born. Before I had her, I felt for sure that I would want to continue my carrer. I just knew that I would want to keep doing my own thing. Boy, how that changed. Mylie is "my thing." I can't imagine leaving her during tax season, right when she would be learning to walk and talk. I am so thankful that I have a supportive family and husband. I know that we can make this work. Thanks to a good friend as well, because she is going to let me keep her little girl to give us some extra income! I am so excited about this new step in our lives. I also really want to concentrate on keeping my house organized, and cooking meals. I would love to start eating healthier and not eat out as much. Now, I will have the time to plan meals and cook! I am so excited.

Oh and Happy Back to School to all my teacher friends! Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! We are going to Pap and Emmy's house for some swimming!

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

How hot is it?

So, while I was at work yesterday, Justin was keeping Mylie. He called and said that we had a problem. Of course, everything possible started running through my mind. He said our air conditioning had went out. Great, I thought. When it rains it pours. Our freezer had just went out the day before and we had to go and get a new one. All of my milk had thawed and ruined. Anyway, I finished up at work, and went home to get Mylie. When I got home, Justin was hot and irritated. Mylie was asleep in the pack and play in just a diaper. She was still sweaty. I loaded us up and went to a friends house for dinner while Justin waited on Rosco Brown to come and fix the air. Luckily, they got there in a couple of hours and Justin was able to come and eat dinner with us. Our compressor had gone out and most of it was still under warranty. The man said it might be cool by in the morning, so Mylie and I went to stay at Grammie's house for the night. We had so much fun. Mom, Nanny, Poppa, and I staid up until midnight talking. Nanny was working on a scrapbook about her childhood. She and Poppa shared some very interesting stories. It is amazing to get a glimpse of their childhood. Nanny was raised in the city while Poppa was a country boy. It is funny how different things were for them. I wonder what my grandchildren will think of our life now. What things will there be in 40 something years, that they wont believe that we lived without? Mylie will not know a world with out computers and cell phones. She will not ever live in a neighborhood where you can leave your door unlocked during the day time. Name one thing that has come along in your life time that you could not live without now. Post a comment!

We are back at home now, and the air is much cooler! Cant wait to get that electric bill!

Sunday, August 5, 2007

A Night In Chattanooga

Friday Mylie and Me drove down to Chattanooga to spend the night with Pap and Emmy. Kirby, Connor and Regan met us there. We had so much fun. Friday night Dad took us to Olive Garden to eat. The food was delicious and we had fun watching Emmy give the server a hard time. Saturday, we all went to the Mexican restaurant and had lunch. From there, the girls and Connor went shopping at Hamilton Place Mall. Boy, was it crazy. It was tax free weekend and you would have thought that they were giving the clothes away. There were so many people everywhere. We managed through the crowds and shopped till we dropped! When we got back to Dad's house, Emmy had made homemade chocolate ice cream. So, I took some to go. We traveled back through McMinnville and dropped by to see Grammie, Nanny, and Poppa. Mylie and I were exhausted from all the shopping and traveling. We finally arrived home at nine Saturday night. We were glad to see Justin and our beds!

I just had to take a picture of Mylie and her Nanny. They were wearing the same color and just looked too cute!

Today we went to Jake and Janet's for a birthday party. Happy Birthday Kelly! It was to hot to swim for Mylie so, we were inside most of the day. Now, she and her daddy are crashed out. I guess the sun really drained the both of them! Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!

Friday, August 3, 2007

Two nights in a row!!

Mylie has slept in her own bed, with the lights off and the door shut! Now, before this, some of you know Mylie was sleeping through the night, but she was sleeping in OUR bed. We decided to try and see if she would sleep in her own bed. So, we started out by letting her take naps in her bed and then put her to sleep in her bed the other night. I slept so much better and I think she did too! Both mornings, I have had to wake her to feed her. She was kind of awake, but not fully awake so I brought her in my bedroom to nurse. She is still taking her naps through the day and seems a little happier. I hope she is sleeping much better. Last night, I woke three times, not because of a noise, but because of the lack of noise. I would stare at the monitor waiting for her to wake up, but she didn't. I also missed snuggling with her, but I know this is for the best.

Also, I have quit one of my bad habits! I have been without it for 36 hours and counting. I am struggling today and chewing the inside of my lips! So, please leave a comment and say something encouraging.

We are off to visit Poppa D for the next few days! Have a wonderful weekend!

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Mylie and the Gang

Last night we went to dinner at a friends house. It was the group with the babies that get together once a week. We had so much fun taking pictures and talking. It is so nice to have friends that are going through what you are going through and really understand your situation. Here are a few pictures from last night. Its funny how you can start to see their little personalities show through.

You can click here if the stupid slide show isn't working. I thought this was supposed to be easy.

Sunday, July 29, 2007

I love living in Murfreesboro. There are so many more options and opportunities that Murfreesboro provides. From shopping and eating to churches and activities, there are many more choices than a small town provides. The one thing I don't like about Murfreesboro is that my family is not here. They live in McMinnville. Its not that far away, but it is still a drive you have to plan for most of the time. It makes it even harder with a three month old. This weekend, Justin, Mylie and I made it in to McMinnville for the afternoon. When we go in, we have to make our rounds, and try to make it to at least three or so different houses while we are in. Saturday, we went in to eat dinner with his mother. Boy, was it good. She lives on the lake in a beautiful house that makes me feel like I'm on vacation every time we are there. Growing up we spent a lot of weekends on the lake. It feels like home away from home. On our way to his Mothers, we stopped by my Mother's house. Mylie always loves a good nap with her Nanny (Mylie's Great Grandmother)and kisses from her Poppa (Great Grandfather). Nanny can hold her and rock her and she is out like a light. I remember Nanny's lap when I was small enough to sit in it. I still think that I could fit. I don't think she would object. Grammie (Mylie's Grandmother) can always find a fun toy to entertain Mylie if she wakes up. From there we stopped by Tish's house to see Regan and Ramsey. Kirby and Connor were there as well. Mylie and Connor are starting to notice each other and it is so cute to see them interact. Back a month or so ago, I took a picture of the two of them at my house and Saturday, I took another. I hope to continue getting a picture of the two of them each month as they grow. Connor can sit up now, so it was hard to keep him still enough to snap a picture. I'm sure it won't get any easier from now on.

The picture to the top, Mylie is two months old and Connor is four months old. The one on the right they are three and five months.

Also this weekend, Mylie and I spent some time outside. She loves to be outside. She loves to feel the wind in what little hair she as left! I decided to put her down on the grass to see what she would do. It didn't take her long to start eating it! She did like the way it felt in her hands and on her feet. She is so willing to try new things. It's funny, when we do something new, I can see her looking at me and judging my reaction before she reacts. I love this little girl more than words can say! Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!

Friday, July 27, 2007

Swimming on Saturday

Last Saturday, Mylie, Justin and I went swimming at a friends house. We had so much fun. Mylie has loved the water since she was born. She loves to get a bath or go swimming. She doesnt even care if the water is a little cold. She splashes and kicks around and loves the way the water feels. I can put water on her head and she just smiles. When we are in the water she will constantly scoot herself down to get lower in the water. I didnt know babies loved the water so much! Here is a picture of her and her daddy. The sun was bright so it was hard to get her to look at the camera!

Tonight, Kirby, Wes, and Connor are coming by for a visit. I made potato soup and grilled cheese for dinner, I hope they like it! I hope to get a pic of Mylie and Connor tonight. I want to do a comparison from the last one I got of them over a month ago. I will try and post that later.

Happy Birthday to Carter J!

We love you, and wish you a fun filled day. Hugs and Kisses!

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Its been a few days...

Since I have posted. We have been busy bees lately. The end of the month is very time consuming for me at work, and most of my free time has been devoted to that. Yesterday a friend and her baby and Mylie and me went shopping! We went to Babies R us and to Green Hills mall for some retail therapy. We had a wonderful dinner at the Cheesecake Factory. We were so tired that Mylie and I slept till 8:30 this morning. Today I have been making a CD for Mylie. I have the baby Einstein traveling melodies, but Justin and I want to pull our hair out when we are in the car. So, I got on itunes and I found songs by some of our favorites that are changed for children. The Eagles, Beach Boys, U2 and many more. Today, Granna (Justin's Mom) is coming down for a visit. Sorry no pics, I left my camera at a friends house last weekend. Some to come soon though.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

LogoThere are
people with my name
in the U.S.A.

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LogoThere are
people with my name
in the U.S.A.

How many have your name?

Make New Friends...

I had forgotten how fun it is to make new friends until recently. While I was pregnant, Justin and I signed up for a prenatal and child birth class at the hospital. Little did we know we would gain so much from that class. Not only did we learn what to expect in delivery, but we met some of the nicest people too. We made friends with three other couples expecting their first child as well. We all became friends fast. We started by getting together to have dinner. It soon became a weekly tradition. We were all due about the same time and said we would get together after the babies were born. Well, little did we know that our next meeting would be in the hospital! Mylie was born on the 15th and two of the other girls had their babies on the 17th. All but one of us was in L & D at the same time. The other baby came a couple of weeks later. After everyone recovered, we started our dinners again. This week dinner was at our house. I fixed a salad and cooked baked spaghetti for dinner. For desert, I dipped strawberries and marshmallows in chocolate! Yum! One of the girls brought peanut butter chocolate bars too. They were delicious. The guys always sit out side and chat, while us girls talk inside with the babies. I think it will be so much fun watching them grow up together. I hope we stay friends a long time. There are two girls and two boys in the bunch. Now we are planning a vacation together. Smokey Mountains here we come!

**Mylie did such a good job at her pictures yesterday! I cant wait to share them! Her daddy was there with us and boy did he make her smile!

Sunday, July 15, 2007

3 months

Mylie is three months old today. Gosh, time flies. I wonder how often I will say that in the next 20 years. My baby girls is growing up already. Her favorite thing is to sit in her new high chair and watch Justin and I do what ever we are doing. Its funny, sometimes I can see the little wheels in her head turning. She is learning every second. She has found the TV and loves the colors and flashing of the screen. She also loves her daddy. Tonight when he came home from work, we were down stairs and Mylie was asleep on my chest. He sat down and I whispered something to him. When he spoke back, Mylie's head popped up and her eyes were wide open. She loves to talk to daddy when he comes home from work. She will look so intensely at him. You can already see the love in her eyes. There is something so sweet about a father and his daughter.

In this picture, Mylie is wearing her new dress that I found at Janie and Jack. I became a shopaholic when I became a mother. It is a small obsesion I have. I love to dress Mylie up everyday. They have such cute clothes for baby girls and I am a sucker everytime. Her closet is full, but I cant stop. Oh well, If Kirby has a girl next, she will be the best dressed, just like Mylie!

Madison's 1st Birthday Party

My friend Monica's baby girl is one today. Mylie had such a good time at the party. Thanks Monica for inviting us! Monica bought a water slide for the kids to play on in the back yard. Mylie enjoyed watching the bigger kids have fun. Madison, the birthday girl, didn't want to mess up her cake. Her Nana helped her figure out how to eat the cake.

Madison then wiped her nose and got cake up there. She was not happy.

There was a pinata too! The big kids had such fun swinging and hitting the pinata. We had a really good time.

This is Amber and Mylie on the couch playing. Mylie will talk to anyone who will listen. I don't know where she gets it.

Tomorrow we are going to have Mylie's pictures made at McAfee's in Morrison. I can't wait to see what Uncle Rod has instore for us! He does wonderful photography. Hope everyone had a good weekend!

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Thumb Sucker

This is Mylie. She is now a "Thumb Sucker." At six weeks old she threw out her own "Bink" and decided she would rather have her thumb. It's funny because people react two different ways. Some say, "You will have such a hard time breaking her from that," or they say, "That's soooo cute!" I usually ask the ones who say the latter, if they sucked their thumb, if the response is yes, then I ask how long. Most say, "Until I was 15." Great, Im thinking. At least I could throw a "Bink" away. How do you remove thumbs from infants? Anyone?

On a different note, Mylie and Me went to visit her favorite cousin on Thursday. They had such fun playing in the floor. I cant wait to see how these two beautiful babies react to one another when they can actually talk and play. There is only a two month difference in Mylie and Connor. They learn so much in two months, its fun to visit Connor to see what Mylie will be doing next. Its also good for me, because Kirby can go through it first and tell me what works best! Ha!

Well, Mylie and Me are headed off to Dave Macon Days at Cannonsburg. Here's to a beautiful Saturday afternoon!

Friday, July 13, 2007

If everyone else jumped off a bridge....

I guess I would to. Alison, Paula, and Kirby have started blogs, so I thought I would too. This will be a very neat way for our family and friends to keep in touch and up to date with our lives. I have been reading blogs for a few years now and I have always wanted to start my own. Thanks to the girls for motivating me!