Thursday, January 29, 2009

A Day Full of Play.

Today, Mylie and I went to Patterson Park with a friend and her son. We had so much fun playing and swimming. Mylie was not afraid of the water in the least bit. She would walk out into the deeper end until she could not touch. It didn't scare her at all. It did scare me, however. After about a hour and a half of swimming and fun, we went to Pizza Hut to take advantage of the lunch buffet. The kids had a blast eating and "talking." We came home and Mylie took a good long nap. When Justin got home, we went outside to play! The weather is still a little cold here, but it is bearable. The sun was shining and I just could not resist stepping out back for a little play time. I did not take my camera to Patterson Park because I was afraid that I would get it wet. I did take it outside to capture the fun though. Hope everyone is having a good week!

Monday, January 26, 2009

The Greatest Show on Earth!

Saturday, Mimi, Mylie and I went to the circus! I was worried at first that Mylie might get scared or tired of the circus very quick. I was wrong! She loved every minute of it. Most of the time she spent jumping up and down on mine or mom's laps. It was a major production that was just as good as Broadway. I am not sure who enjoyed it more, me or Mylie! One hour before the show starts, they allow you to come down on the floor and mingle with clowns, acrobats, and various other performers. Mylie was not afraid of any of it. We had such a great time!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

So we have decided for now....

that the newest addition to our family will be named Lilla Cole Boyd. The first name is pronounced with short vowel sounds. Kinda like Lily but with a short a sound at the end. We really like the name and am excited to meet her soon (but not too soon).

So, I also will need to rename this blog. Any suggestions? (On renaming the blog, not on what to rename our child! Ha!)

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Thinking outside the the box!

I have a little artist on my hands. Mylie loves to color, ANYTHING! I got the washable markers out the other morning and let her color while I was cleaning. Justin was playing the wii in the living room. This is what I discovered when she called out "Momma, look!" Then it became quite a game with her. She wanted to color me, but I would not let her. So, she went into the living room and started to color on her Daddy's head while he played video games! It was too funny. I didn't post any pics of his head, I didn't think he would like it.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Happy 80th Birthday Poppa!

We celebrated Poppa's birthday in Manchester at the Oak restaurant on Sunday night. It was a surprise and it went over very well. As we all waited on Nanny and Poppa to enter the room, Mylie kept calling for Poppa. We were afraid that she would give the surprise away, but she didn't. We had a slide show prepared by Mimi. It included pictures from Poppa as a little boy through this past Christmas. Then we ate a wonderful dinner. I would highly recommend the restaurant. We were in a private room with our own server. So we were able to have some privacy without disturbing others. We all had a wonderful time. The cake was provided by Aunt Mary, she works at Kroger, and it was the best.
We love you Poppa. Hope you had the best time.
Poppa turning 80 is a very big deal in our family. He is now the oldest Moore male in the history of his family. I knew he was above average! Here's to many more!

Monday, January 5, 2009

What do you think she is going to be when she grows up?

We were doing laundry today and one of Mylie's favorite things to do is "help." She loves to unload the basket, try on different clothes, and play with the socks. Today, she found her tights and pulled them over her head and quickly realized she could see through them. She wore them on her head for quite a while, running around the room, saying "Look Momma, look Daddy!" We decided she kinda looks like a bank robber.

Don't you just love..

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Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy New Year!

Well, the last few weeks have been packed full. I will try and recap a little of what has been going on. I left off at Christmas with Nanny and Poppa. So, the next morning we had Christmas at our house.

Santa brought Mylie a pink wooden play kitchen. It is too cute! She cooks every morning and most afternoons. I am so excited that she loves this new toy. Christmas afternoon, we went to my GrannyMa's house and had a wonderful lunch followed by presents and visiting. Then we went to Neno's house (Justin's mom). There we had more food and ofcourse more presents. Mylie had so much fun opening gifts, she even helped Claire out a bit.
Here they are fast at work.

The next day, Neno came down and when Justin got home from work, we went shopping. We went to Opry Mills to the Bass Pro Shop of course and stopped at a few other stores as well. Then we went to eat at the Cock of the Walk. I just love their food. The atmosphere is very fun as well.

Saturday was a lazy day at home so that Mylie could have a chance to play with all of her new toys. Then on Sunday, we went to Chattanooga to visit Pap and Emmy for a few days. Salem, Paula's oldest son, went down with us. Kirby, Reagan, and Connor came down the same night too. On Monday, we went to eat at P F Chang's and then went to the mall to spend the money that was burning a hole in everyone's pocket from Christmas. After going back to Dad's house and letting the little one's nap, Mike, Alison, Arden, and Channing came down to spend the next few nights. We had 12 people in a three bedroom house! It was packed full. We had the best time. On Tuesday, Dad, Salem, Arden, Mylie and I went to the Aquarium. Kirby, Reagan, and Connor had to go back to McMinnville that morning. I was not sure how much Mylie would really like the fish and everything but she loved it. Here are a few pics that I took while we were there.

Salem is feeding the sting ray. He would only do this after I did it. I think he might have been a little frightened. I would have been too if I had not done this before.

Mylie is trying to catch the little aligator!

Free Ride, thanks Pap!

This pic did not turn out the way I thought it would. They had crawled up into one of the tanks that had a cut out in it so you could see from the inside out. Mylie thought it was amazing that she could see me through the water like that.

So, that concludes our 2008. We are ready for a wonderful new year. 2009, here we come!